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My Mobile Track for Shows!!!

Finally my mobile track for shows is ready! 

Thanks at www.car-cover.roand www.bellotto.ro for making it possible!!
Orban Gabi Show is now available with mobile elements,sound system&speaker,

make your event special and book a show!!!!
If you wish to enrich your festivity/event with a worldwild renowed sportsman for acrobatic shows I am the best solution!!!
First and only mobile elements in Romania!

 Orban-Barra Gabor +40740074607 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/orbangabishow/ email:orbangabishow@gmail.com 

Here are some videos about my new setup for shows! 


I am the new record holder!!

Hy guy's!
Im proud to say my last record attempt is credited by Guinness World Records!!
I am the new record holder for the most consecutive backwheel pogo hop with 561 hops!!!
Here is the video if you missed it!

World Record Attempt 2016

Hy world I am glad to say that I beat another Guinness World Record!
I tryed to beat the most consecutive backwheel pogo hop word record wich was 495!
I made 561 so I am the new record holder!
Thanks for all your support!


More photos:


Romanin's Got Talent Golden Buzz

Hy world!
It's been a while I updated my website!
Im glad to say I got a Golden  Buzz from Andi at Romanian's Got Talent 2016
So see ya at the live shows!


OrbanB.Gabor- Romanii Au Talent 2016... de gabika198919

More photos:

Got Talent

Hy as you all know I participated to Hungary's got talent Tv Show,from preselections I got 4 Yes and I got into the Live Semifinals.
This Saturday was the first semifinal and I was 8th performer!
Unfortunatly I did't got enought sms and telefon vot so I didn't qualify to the finals!
I am very happy with the resoult a little sad because I will miss the final but it was a good experience I meet new people and make new friends wich is always good!
Hope you liked my performance too and you will stay tuned in the future!
Thanks for everybody who supported me!

Preselection video:

Intro movie:


Some cool Photos By Szabo Attila

Now at the end of the season I got a lot of time for photosessions and stuff like that!
Now I got a new friend who worked for RedBull Romania and I have to say he is a very good photographer,his name is Szabo Attila and we did 2 or 3 photosession here is a few pics from him!
If you are interested about Attila you can see his photos@ :

New Promo Video!

Here is my new promo video hope you will like it!

Me and Samo Vidic

At the end of the Summer I got an invitation to Cannon Photoworkshops day in my hometown!
I got a chance to work with Samo Vidic Redbull photographer and one of the biggest photographers of the world!Here are some pic made by the Master!

You can find out more about Samo @:



Orban Gabi Show available

As you know I do shows at almost any kind of event,indoor&outdoor!
Here is my facebook page for my events,like it if you don't want to miss anything

You can book shows worldwide and I guaranty you I am the best solution for your event!

Here are some videos about my last shows hope you enjoy it!

GoPro Videos

As I sayed in last post I did't update my website for a while so are some new videos made with my GoPro hope you will enjoy!

Here are my videos made this summer with GoPro:

GoPro Romania

Hy there!
Sorry I wasn't upload my website for a while but I did not stop training and doing my thing!
Let me present to you my new sponsor GoPro Romania by Xtremvideo.ro
Go and buy your GoPro Camera or any stuff you need to make a pro video@ www.xtremvideo.ro

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